Left to right: Brandon Cook, Dave Finch (former Blount Co. Democratic Party Chair), and Joe Gallagher (Louisville Alderman and local political activist)

Supporters gathered at the Blount Co. Library this evening for the launch of Brandon Cook's campaign for County Commission representing the 1st District. The crowd of almost 60 included a "who's who" of Blount County Democrats and quite a number of fresh new faces.

Regarding his early entry into the race, Brandon said there is a lot of work to be done and it's never too soon to get started. He says he has a lot to talk about with voters between now and the April 14th start of early voting for the May 4th primary. He also says he won't be afraid to tell them he's a Democrat.

In his refreshingly short announcement speech, Mr. Cook said the reason he is running is simple: he cares about Blount County and Tennessee.

He said his campaign will focus on four things. First, we need to make investments in our local economy, and second, the best investment we can make is education. Third is bringing us back together as a community. Despite the perception that we are divided, Mr. Cook said there is a lot that unites us. He said the only promise he will make is that we won't always agree, but that this is healthy and we must work through the issues, lock arms, and march forward together to make our community better. Fourth, he said his campaign will be about "you, the citizens of Blount County." He wants to hear from you about your concerns and where you think the county's priorities should be.

Judging from some of the rumors and speculation among attendees, there will be a lot of interest and maybe a few surprises in the next round of Blount County elections. Lest there be any doubt about that, both local papers were there to cover Brandon's announcement.

Brandon Cook is a fifth-generation Blount County native who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes over the past several years for a more progressive Blount County. We are happy to see him take on the challenge of public office. He's sharp, well spoken, and knows what he's doing. We need more young people like Brandon in public service.

If you'd like to help out Brandon's campaign, you can visit his website and volunteer or make a donation:

Brandon D. Cook for County Commission

Yes, Brandon will be good

Yes, Brandon will be good for Blount County. Let's help him any way we can.

It's not important however...

It's not important, however, no where on Mr. Cook's website does it mention "Democrat". Just thought it was interesting.

Herr Cook

I know Brandon Cook, and he is really a well informed nice upstanding individual.

viva Evo Morales

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