Nov 30 2009

The Maryville Daily Times reports, and has a rundown on the other races and all the Republicans (and a few Democrats) running.

Cunningham has been a political and public relations embarrassment for Blount County. But we're not bankrupt yet and the schools are still open and the roads mostly passable and nobody has been rounded up and sent to detention camps (that we know of) and all the big development and road projects are good to go so that's good enough for the Republicans who run Blount County. They will reelect him in a landslide so there's no point wasting any time or money trying to have an opposition party or run any candidates or anything.

... no point wasting any time or money ...

A very uplifting message there--not. If being a republican was NOT such a religious thing in this county, then things could change. Don't forget that the State of TN's left party put a wolf in sheep's clothing in the Governor's mansion for two consecutive terms. This same party is NOW willing to throw away a chance of keeping the mansion on the left, by pushing forward a candidate that cannot talk himself out of a wet paper bag.

Ms. Halsam's already measuring for drapes, since hubby and family own the largest truck stop chain in the world, a major baseball team, all of the state's ethanol businesses, and the entire University of TN's Knoxville campus (a gift of the President's chair, he will hand over to Bredesen come 2011). With a $7 million War Chest, Billy boy will be able to buy the mansion and title along with it.

viva Evo Morales

I thought for sure

I thought for sure Cunningham would not run for re-election. Guess no one in Blount County wanted to clean up after his mess. Sure hope he's term limited.

Regarding Haslam, BeyondLeft said it all.

"Sure hope he's term limited."

Sure hope he's term limited.

Nope, unless you were implying in his vocabulary...:)

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