Feb 25 2010

Check this out. (I know it looks complicated, but just stare at it for a while like I did...)

Nov. 2008 election results by county commission district and party (based on Obama v. McCain*):

1 1791 2118
2 1330 3182
3 1423 3328
4 2338 5944
5 1748 3439
6 1513 3990
7 1323 3952
8 1311 3742
9 1262 3159
10 1438 2971

Aug. 2006 county commission vote by district, seat, and party:

1 358 385 413 326
2 0 772 573 634
3 0 948 0 962
4 0 1519 0 1596 1276 1045
5 0 1415 1041 802
6 0 957 0 939
7 503 747 0 804
8 0 1051 0 1109
9 0 841 0 889
10 0 772 0 728

So what does this tell us? Beats me. Except that Republicans dominate Blount County. But we already knew that.

But what I do see is that a) turnout is pathetic in off-year elections (when we elect most of our local county government), b) Democrats need to run more opposition candidates , and c) in 2006 Wendy Pitts Reeves and Dr. Bob Proffitt turned out more than half the number of 2008 Democratic presidential election voters in their districts (although it's most likely that not all their votes were from Democrats).

That last one is interesting, considering that turnout was about 22% in the 2006 county general election v. 76% in the 2008 national election.

It should also be noted that Democrats won two of the three County Commission seats where they ran candidates. Maybe that's the takeaway.

Anyway, these charts clearly show there are enough Democrats (and I count a 2008 Blount Co. vote for Obama as a hard core, yellow dog Democrat vote) to elect Democrats in almost every County Commission district if Democrats turn out the vote.

But this isn't really about R v. D. It's about good government, and not just being a rubber stamp for the County Mayor, Sheriff, and developers.

(*Note: The by-precinct numbers are slightly but insignificantly higher and don't add up to the unofficial election totals posted by the Blount Co. Election Commission on their website. I've double and triple checked, so you'll have to ask them why that is. Probably my bad, if someone can figure out why I'll be glad to make corrections.)

Just staring at this

I am thinking RNeal must be really good at Sudoku!

A few questions:
1. How can we get more Democrats to run for office in Blount County? Especially when they are treated as abominably as some have been even after they ran.
2. How do we get the message out to Democrats to go vote for the BEST candidates in the Republican Primary? Because, as you said, that's what it boils down to. It's about good government.

2. How do we get the message

2. How do we get the message out to Democrats to go vote for the BEST candidates in the Republican Primary?

Can't condone the action. Should be voting in the Democratic Primary as a show of support to those running and as a motivator for future Democratic Party candidates.

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