Apr 14 2010

Today TCWN released its report on TDEC enforcement actions in the Division of Water Pollution Control for 2008. Since 2008 was such a busy year for water legislation and that the legislators seemed convinced that TDEC is overenforcing, we thought we'd take a look at the numbers for that year.

Using data that is available from TDEC's website, TCWN found the following.
• 73% were taken against pollution activities associated with development
• 62% of enforcement actions were taken for minor permit violations not associated with a pollution event.
• Only 2% of enforcement actions were against the farming community but not for farming activities. They were for development activities on farm land and an industrial farm operating without a permit.
• 65% of fines were under $2,000.
• Most enforcement actions occur in or around TDEC field offices - meaning that they aren't driving much farther than that county.

We will be doing a follow up report every two years and hope to get a more robust picture of enforcement actions over time.

To read the report, go to (link...) and follow the links to the enforcement report.

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