In reference to the post below, according to the Sentinel's article:

County Commissioner Scott Helton read a statement in which he said that two of the three Democratic members of the commission are guilty of accepting payment — at least indirectly — from the county in the course of their professional lives.

This raises some interesting questions:

• What was the full text of the statement?

• How does a County Commissioner know that county employees are receiving services and/or medical treatment from certain practitioners?

• Are Blount Co. personnel records secure? What about health insurance records? Should county employees be concerned about privacy?

• Are Blount Co. employees required to sign HIPAA waivers/releases allowing disclosure of their medical and insurance records to County Commission?

Obviously the county

Obviously the county employees have had their privacy violated. Kind of puts me in mind of Watergate. This is mafia stuff. Well rehearsed and plotted in a private meeting somewhere. Isn't that sort of thing illegal for office holders to conspire against citizens and other office holders? We need a special prosecutor.

"They" have their ways...

There wouldn't have been a breach of Open Meetings Laws if the mayor just handed the info to Helton, for example. Or if, say, the Mayor held a meeting with one person and then met with the next person in line, etc., and passed along all the relevant information. But shoot, most things are just handled by phone calls to each other.

Mayor Cunningham dictates many things quietly in Blount County. I believe he had some influence in the selection of Chairman for the Planning Commission, for example.

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