Aug 11 2010

From the AKC website.

A dog park:

  • is a public park, typically fenced, where people and their dogs can play together.
  • allows dogs to exercise and socialize safely.
  • promotes responsible dog ownership.
  • provides an outlet for dog owners to socialize.
  • make for a better community by promoting public health and safety.

If you would like to have a dog park in Blount County, please submit possible locations in comments.

We were told by someone at

We were told by someone at Springbrook that she knows someone at PetSafe who told her they (PetSafe) were working with Blount Co./Maryville to open a dog park somewhere in Blount Co. Will see if we can find out more...

Dog park

Could fence off a large area of an existing park. A pond for the dogs to swim in would be great. I would love to not drive to dog parks in Knoxville all the time.

Dog Park

I just moved into Blount County (Maryville) and would love to see a dog park anywhere. Please really consider this. Thank you.

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