Aug 20 2007

Just wanted to get the word out about the following events, swiped from an alert from CAPPE (Citizens Against the Pellissippi Parkway):

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 7pm, Maryville College (location to be announced)

CAPPE is one of several local organizations co-sponsoring a presentation by Gerry Cohn, Southeast States Director for American Farmland Trust (AFT). AFT is a national non-profit organization that has worked for decades to help individuals, communities, organizations and local and state governments develop programs to strengthen and preserve farming and agricultural land.

AFT’s key strategies are:

Transform U.S. farm policy to strengthen the future of American agriculture;
Protect the best land by supporting effective state and local farmland protection initiatives;
Plan for agriculture to keep farming viable and help communities balance growth while protecting working land;
Keep the land healthy and productive by encouraging stewardship practices that safeguard our nation's natural resources.

Gerry will share with us what other communities have done to protect farming and agricultural land. He will help us think about the kinds of programs and initiatives that are appropriate for Blount County . The mission of AFT is to stop the loss of productive farmland and to promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment.

You can learn more about AFT at (link...)

Co-sponsors currently are the Center for Strong Communities at Maryville College , Foothills Land Conservancy, The Raven Society and CAPPE.

OCTOBER 27, 3:30-7pm, 6th Annual Rural Preservation Party & Auction!

Kelmont Farm Barnyard

We’ve moved our signature event to the fall to take advantage of cooler temperatures and harvest themes. We’ll have live music, our famous bake sale, pumpkin painting, an auction, cakewalks, a costume parade and contest, and other activities being planned.

Note: My family attends this every year and wouldn't miss it for the world! Lots of fun.

I applaud CAPPE's efforts.

I applaud CAPPE's efforts.

I am understand not wanting "Pellissippi" completed through all of the beautiful farm land. I am curious though as to what alternatives CAPPE is putting forth to either 1) stop the growth in the areas to be made safely accessible by "Pellissippi" or 2) to provide input for better accessibility on current roads to the growth areas.

Managed growth is critical. Blount County growth is barely being managed and something needs to be done before it is too late.

on the calendar?

Local, could you repost this as an event or two so it gets on the calendar of events over to the right? Is this correct R. Neal as far as how it has to be done? Reposted as two separate events?

I simply LOVE the event schedule and many thanks for bringing the CAPPE announcements to my attention.

CAPPE's proposed solutions to transportation challenges

Thanks for spreading the word about these events. We'll be circulating more details about CAPPE's 6th Annual Rural Preservation Party & Auction in a month or so.
In response to bizgrrl's question, CAPPE has developed a series of concrete proposals for addressing transportation challenges in Blount County. We contracted with a transportation engineer from a national firm to help us look at Blount County's road system, traffic, growth patterns, and plans from the TPO and TDOT. We presented our proposals in July 2006 to TDOT for consideration in both the EIS currently underway on the Pellissippi Parkway Extension and for incorporation into TDOT's annual and long-range planning. We've also displayed these proposals at CAPPE meetings over the past year. CAPPE has not yet put these proposals into a format that can be easily distributed, but we are planning to do so.
As for what CAPPE proposes regarding growth -- the managed growth issue, which is of course relevant to transportation planning, is outside CAPPE's mission. What this means is that we do not make formal proposals about growth management. It's important to acknowledge that the PPE has never been proposed as a way to handle growth in the northeastern part of the County -- the original rationale was to improve access to the GSMNP -- but there is no doubt among either advocates or opponents that the PPE would make rapid growth there more likely. And the PPE would do nothing to relieve the road and traffic issues already identified by our Highway Department and the TPO. This is why CAPPE committed the resources donated by our members to retain expert counsel and develop alternatives.
Nina Gregg for CAPPE

Wonderful to see you on here

Wonderful to see you on here Nina! Could you explain the impact to Blount County that the exemption of the 55 foot building height limits on Scenic Highways are going to have on any future Pellissippi extension? In case anyone missed this, what was proposed to lift restrictions on Pellissippi above Northshore grew into the lifting of building height restrictions on all of Pellissippi Parkway in Blount County including future extensions to the road.

Perhaps start a new thread on that?

My guess on the building

My guess on the building height change was that this was to accommodate the new Technology Park at PP and Maryville Pike. Not sure what other unintended consequences it might have.

I asked Sen. Raymond Finney about this directly (I believe he sponsored the private act), and never got a straight answer.

It is the word EXPANSION

It is the word EXPANSION that scares me. It changes what could be out there instead of looking a just one area at a time.

Call me cynical but it really appears that the only place in the county that is not being prepared for unbridled growth is Townsend.....

And no, it did not change the building heights in Blount County unless it is within the City of Alcoa. AM I reading this right?

(Q) That portion of Pellissippi Parkway (State Highway 162) which has been or will be constructed in Blount and Knox Counties after January 1, 1987; provided, that the height restrictions on buildings imposed by § 54-17-115 and sign restrictions referred to in § 54-17-109 that are applicable to subsections (1) and (10) shall not apply to that property along the Pellissippi Parkway within Knox County which is located between Kingston Pike and Interstate 75/40, all of which shall be regulated by the zoning ordinances and regulations of the appropriate county or municipal government; and provided further, that the height restrictions on buildings imposed by § 54-17-115 shall not apply to that property along the Pellissippi Parkway within Knox County, which is now or, subsequent to April 22, 2005, zoned “TC-1 (Town Center)”, or any similar zoning category, under the zoning ordinances of the city of Knoxville; and provided further, that the height restrictions on buildings imposed by § 54-17-115 shall not apply to that property along Pellissippi Parkway within the corporate limits of the city of Alcoa, that is now or hereafter zoned for planned commercial zones or any similar zoning category under the zoning ordinances of the city of Alcoa;

Yes, it would be entered as

Yes, it would be entered as two separate events. An accompanying blog post like this with more background/detail is fine, too.

I did not see a way to do

I did not see a way to do only an event listing and not do the accompanying blog... would you mind explaining that to us. THANKS!

When you post an event, the

When you post an event, the event details and description are posted on the front page similar to a blog entry. I can make it not do that if you prefer, but then people might not notice it.

Don't change it. Maybe just

Don't change it. Maybe just do something that would add it to the calendar now if possible. I just can't say enough good things about having that local event calendar right there ---------------------------------->

I was simply afraid that if Local tried to change it all the replies would be lost.

I went ahead and created

I went ahead and created events for the calendar. For those in the know, it would be helpful for others to:

know the location of the Kelmont Farm Barnyard, and

have links to CAPPE or other organizations related to this cause.

I apologize

I didn't see that calendar option. Here's a link to the CAPPE webpage: (link...)

And the address of the event: Kelmont Barnyard, 1565 East Brown School Road.

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