Sep 15 2010

The Maryville Daily Times reports that the Blount County Democratic Party has requested a federal investigation into a possible Hatch Act violation related to U.S. Postal worker Shawn Carter's election to County Commission.

We are told that the Blount Democratic Party, Carter's opponent, and the administrator of elections were all aware of the situation before the election.

Better late than never, we guess.

Terror Hysteria

When legitimate threats come about, it can lead people to panic. These days, there are things that could be caused by "terror hysteria". The "red scare" of the mid-20th century comes to mind. That was a real phenomenon. So the idea is certainly plausible. A recent post puts that exact same idea forth on the network of websites run by radio talk show host Alex Jones. The post in question, named "October Surprise" is an instant hit.There are a lot of people who are scared of terrorists that's why sometimes there is a sudden panic in our country.The media people should also be very careful when releasing news, it should not create a panic mode among the people.

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