Nov 4 2010

We have launched a new website at to discuss plans for the proposed Alcoa Parkway (bypass). For those interested, there's a public hearing on Nov. 9th at 5PM. More info here.

We invite interested parties to discuss the project at We would also like to invite engineers, environmentalists, planners and other experts to comment on the project. Please contact if you would like to contribute content to the site.


I am so upset with Mr Neals comments. Maybe you do not need to cross Alcoa Hwy. like we need to do almost everyday. I have an envelope full of accidents that have taken place this year with several being fatal. Mr Neal, what is important to you???? One life is worth more than all the business that might transpire out there. No you are wrong, lots of people will not trade with the stores along this death trap hwy. I hold my breath every time we must cross over or pull into traffic traveling 70 to 80 miles an hour. I never see a police car around. I would be more prone to shop out there if it was a pleasant experience rather than a dread to pull onto the hwy. And Mr Neal, I am not one of these little old ladies who does not know how to drive. Other drivers put others into dangerous situations, like trying to make a left turn and stop dead still in the fast lane. I could write you a whole book on crazy people that travel and drive wreckless on this hwy. There are a couple of places I would shop frequently if I could get across the road. We travel 5 or 6 miles extra just because we cannot cross 5 or 6 lanes in rush hour to get back home. Do you happen to live on the left side of Alcoa hwy? We should not ever had to endure the dangerous road, not in the time we live with all the knowledge we have. This road should have never been built the way its designed. Let me challenge you to try to cross over and make a left turn at the old Delmar Haynes building in the afternoon between 5 and 6 pm on weekdays. I have had little punks sit and blow their horns wanting me to pull out in front of cars doing 60 plus miles an hour that were within 30 feet of me. I know some business owners who want a safer place because they take side roads so they will not have to cross over 2 lanes of fast moving traffic. Why don't you come up with a solution so no one else will die on this slaughter house hwy. And no, turn lanes will not be an answer if the oncoming is bumper to bumper traveling 70 miles an hour.We have bee put off long enough for improvements.

Freda, I actually agree with

Freda, I actually agree with you 100%. We frequently go up to Hunt Rd. or I-140 to loop around over/under to get to the other side. Further up, I've had to go all the way to U.T. Hospital and up an over to get to the Maloney/Montlake side. So maybe we just need some more up and overs.

Freda, thank you for your

Freda, thank you for your input.

I am very aware of the dangers of Alcoa Highway. I have known personally several people who have died while trying to cross the highway. It saddens me greatly every time I see a new report of an accident on this road.

Yes, I do cross the highway on occasion, specifically at the Delmar Haynes site to go to FedEx. Generally, when trying to get from one side to the other I find ways to get there without using the crossovers in the median. I use Hunt Road or Louisville Road (at WalMart). I recommend these routes. In addition, I try to never use the crossovers in the median during rush hours (7:30AM - 8:30AM and 5-6PM). If I do have to get across at those times, I drive 1-2 miles down to Pellissippi, get off the exit and loop around to get back on going the other direction.

I feel it is important for people to know that there are alternatives to make Alcoa Highway safer. As I have said elsewhere, add some bridges (Wright Road to the Delmar Haynes lot, Airbase Road to the industrial areas across the highway, and Singleton Station Road). In addition, they can enhance the existing frontage roads, do more with Wright Road, and close off most of the median crossovers. I think these ideas will be much cheaper and less intrusive to the area. In the process, they can work to make the area more attractive and enhance the possibility for better business.

Please consider these alternatives when you are reviewing the plan for a new 6 lane road through Alcoa. They will be much cheaper, solve the problems and make Alcoa and Blount County a better place to live.

Thanks again for your input.

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