The Maryville Daily Times has an article in today's paper about the proposed Alcoa Parkway bypass that discusses the pros and cons of the project and our website launch.

NOTE: I am misquoted in the article, apparently due to confusion about an Oct. 25 post on BlountViews regarding the upcoming public meeting. The blog post, which is quoted extensively in the paper, was authored by 'bizgrrl', not me as stated in the article. The Mrs. and I disagree a little on traffic lights and the ultimate cost of fixing that stretch of highway, but we do agree that a bypass might not be the best alternative.

And M. Neal (the author of the blog post in question and the organizer behind makes a good point. TDOT presented several alternative solutions ranging in cost from $1 million to $64 million. Surely there is a solution in between that will cost less and have less negative impact on the environment and the community.

Anyway, thanks to the Maryville Daily Times for keeping the public informed about the proposed Alcoa Parkway bypass and for covering opposing points of view.


Concerning the wrong attribution ...


We apologize for the error in attribution. In correcting it, which we can do online today, should the bizgrrl quotes/paraphrases be attributed to Michelle Neal? If so, we can also correct the "half-million" to $1.2 million.

One other question: What is your city of residence? Iva forgot to ask you. The administrative contact information on the domain names lists an Alcoa P.O. Box. It doesn't really matter in terms of your interest, but it helps for identification purposes.


What's the Buzz in the Newsroom?"

Buzz, no big deal but

Buzz, no big deal but thanks.

It's Michele with one L.

We live in Alcoa.

Thanks again.

Story updated ...

I updated the story. Please take a look and see if the attributions are now correct. I also noted the corrected $1.2 million. Feel free to e-mail me at if there are other concerns.
What's the Buzz in the Newsroom?"

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