Aug 22 2007

Sunday they asked us to voluntarily conserve water.

There has been no significant reduction in water use since Sunday when Maryville and Alcoa called for voluntary water conservation because the water level in Little River has reached historical lows.

“We are on the verge of a mandatory ban of nonessential water usage. This is a very serious matter, and we all need to conserve water in any way we can,” said Maryville Mayor Joe Swann on Tuesday.

Please people, pay attention. Conserve water. Do a rain dance.

This does not apply only to

This does not apply only to folks on city water but those of us with wells too! Some place I read that the creeks and streams are the water table as seen above ground. I wish I could remember where I saw this- perhaps in the Hellbender Press?

Anyways if someone finds that article, please share it.

And sadly, welcome to an early autumn. Our leaves are all turning yellow and my plants are all dying just like they would in late Oct.

I count how many house lights I can see from my back deck. When the trees are full of leaves I can see none. A few weeks ago the first one became visable. Last night I counted three. In the past few years the first light did not appear until Oct. Man. This stinks!

Went to the "Y" the other day

The "Y" is now a narrow strip of water with a big wide rocky bank. Didn't stop the young men who were there from climbing high up on the rocks of the cliff on the other side and jumping in. Right beside the sign that says "Climbing or jumping from rocks is prohibited". Would have made a funny picture.

It is autumn in the woods around my house as well.

So much more-

When it gets this dry so many little things can happen that folks don't even consider. Like a hard fast rain won't soak into the ground so if you ever had a bit of rain in your basement the next hard rain could bring much more.

If you have been considering replacing your shingle roof due to wear / age, do not think you are fine until the rains come. We did that once many years ago. When the rains did come, those old shingles were so dry that it was like not having a roof at all and greatly compounded the repairs we had to make. ( Side note, I think there is still a nice tax deduction for putting on a metal roof!)

Should there be problems in the county with those of us on wells I can tell you for a fact we will be putting a greater burden on the city water supply. If we have well problems we will go to town to do laundry.

I can only wonder at what point will tourists be ask to take short showers? Would the powers that be dare do that?

Next up preventing wildfires.

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