Mar 4 2011

Bravo! A local family, a father and two sons, joined together in a venture to rehab 30 houses in the Alcoa Springbrook community. The Daily Times in Maryville has a nice write-up (March 3, 2011) about the transformation of the Springbrook neighborhood. It is too bad that I cannot find it on-line.

The properties were originally built by ALCOA (the aluminum company) to house their workers over 50 years ago. Gene and/or Bob Monday, Knoxville realtors and landlords, purchased over 30 of the homes in the 90's, primarily for rental properties. In 2006, Blue Ribbon Homes, again of Knoxville, purchased 31 of Monday's Springbrook properties. According to a Sept. 26, 2006 article in The Daily Times, "The low-income rental properties will be renovated under what Blue Ribbon Homes is calling the largest remodeling project in the neighborhood's history." Blue Ribbon Homes struggled with the project and eventually sold 30 of the homes to the Greene family in Mar. 2009.

I drive through the Springbrook neighborhood on a daily basis. The rehabilitation of the numerous homes has been quite uplifting. I kept thinking, someone should write about this company and what a wonderful job they are doing for the community. Steve Wildsmith of The Daily Times stepped up and completed the task. Again, I wish the article was on-line.

Louisville residents Al Greene and his sons Damon and Dagan joined together in a family business, G-3 Properties, to take on the task of bringing back to life many of the homes in the Springbrook community of Alcoa. A side note and shout-out to South Knoxville, Damon and Dagan attended South-Doyle High School.

"It's a great community. The schools are some of the best in the state, and it's got a great small-town feel. It almost takes me back to Mayberry. It has a very Mayberry-like feel to it.

They started out spending $40,000 just to clean out the overgrown yards. Most of the homes had not been maintained over the years.

"In some of them, the interior walls were so bad they were just rotten," Dagan Greene said. "We would pull the sheet rock off the walls, and the water damage was unbelievable. A few of them, we had to tear all the way down to the foundation. In one, the chimney was in such bad shape that if you pushed it, it would have toppled over."

Al Greene says they "were determined not to cut corners, especially not when they had solid craftsmanship to work with." "These are poured concrete foundations. You just don't see that anymore. Even the (adjacent) sheds have poured concrete foundations."

He goes on to say, "Look, if I'm going to remodel a house, I'm not going to be ashamed to go live in it, because I don't want the people who rent or buy from me to be ashamed to live in it."

They hope to sell all of the homes, but are willing to rent if sales are slow. Al Greene says he doesn't think they will have any problems selling the properties. "This is such a great area."

Just drive down Dalton Street in Springbrook. You will see numerous homes rehabilitated by this family. They are bringing back a shine to Springbrook. Many thanks to the Greene family!

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