May 20 2011

"I personally don’t feel a charter school is needed," said [Alcoa] board member Julie Rochelle. "Why would we need to have a charter school when we have tons of people who are on the wait list in every grade? We should focus on our own needs. I believe we need to put money into a new high school and provide the best for the Alcoa community."

Agreed. Support your local schools. Contact your local government and school board to let them know you do not want a charter school in Alcoa.

UPDATE: What problem would a charter school solve in Alcoa?

ANOTHER UPDATE: The charter school proponents have decided to not put a school in Alcoa, they have moved on to Blount County.

Charter schools create new

Florida charter school

Charter schools across the

Charter schools across the state closing due to ineptitude.

Omni Prep in Memphis failed to purchase any curriculum and instead hired a bunch of first-year teachers whom they told to just make some up.

Global Academy in Nashville, also closed down a few months back due to financial difficulties--including a $500K debt to Nashville's public school system.

According to the Secretary

According to the Secretary of State's website, "Innovation Education Partnership, Inc." is not listed as a registered corporation in the State of Tennessee.

Additional information - BlountToday (KNS)

The Hope Academy Founding Team consists of:

•Mary Bogert, general manager of the Knoxville Convention Center
•Tab Burkhalter, Blount County commissioner District 1-B, attorney – Burkhalter and Associates, P.C.
•Sarah T. Herron, professional writer
•Senior MSgt. (Ret.) Timothy Kumes, examiner, Riverside Publishing (Houghton Mifflin)
•Kimberly Lay, PA-C, CDE, Endocrinology Consultants of East Tennessee
•Renee Leonard, pharmaceutical sales representative
•Katie Teffeteller, owner, Little Scholars Christian Academy, Inc.

I sure do wish Knoxville would stay out of the business of Alcoa and Blount County. They are not doing such a great job themselves. Alcoa and Maryville schools are much better than Knox County schools.

I'm not sure I like the idea of a Blount County commissioner trying to influence this effort.

In addition, I could be wrong, but it appears only one of these founding members lives in Alcoa. if all of these people from Maryville want a charter school, then put it in Maryville or Blount County, not Alcoa.

Plans for Alcoa charter

Plans for Alcoa charter school nixed
. The group is now looking to Blount County.

The law’s passage changed the organization’s plans, Burkhalter said. “When we started looking, we thought Blount County would be a better option. However, Blount County had a closed policy where they didn’t accept outside students. At the time, Alcoa was the only local school district that allowed students. When the new charter law passed, Blount County became a viable option if they’d grant a waiver. It really put them back on top.”

The Blount County school board declined to comment on the proposed charter school.

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