Springbrook residents are getting out the word. They want people to know their neighborhood does not need to be a part of a massive new traditional retail development. WATE (Channel 6) News Reporter Samantha Saracino reported on the situation last night.

The effort is not to stop progress but to keep progress from marching through our neighborhood. Let it drive around us not through us," explained [Stephanie] Moffitt, [who lives on Alcoa Road].

"It might be minimal in the beginning, but as traffic builds within the retail center this community will cease to exist as we know it today and our park will be severed," Moffitt said.

WVLT (Channel 8) also reported on the issue.

"We just need to pick one and get it moving. We've got retailers that are interested and they need to know an opening date for the roadway," said City Manager Mark Johnson. "Whichever one they (the community) think is best in the short term and long term is what we'll go with."

Why is this traditional retail development dependent on a roadway to the Springbrook community? Other shopping centers (Hamilton Crossing and Hunters Crossing in Alcoa, Northshore Town Center in Knoxville at Pellissippi Parkway and Northshore Drive, Turkey Creek in Knoxville) don’t have direct access to surrounding neighborhoods.

Why did the city exclude community preference from this previous meeting? 55 % of the response/feedback of the community from the first meeting indicated there should be no access to Alcoa Road. City managment refused to accept a portion of the citizen input.

Note, there may be a little

Note, there may be a little more traffic than usual on Alcoa Road due to the interest in the signs displayed by residents indicating their dissatisfaction with increased traffic or more right-of-way taken.

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