Aug 28 2007

I loved reading the letters to the editor in The Daily Times yesterday. Here's the link - (link...) I thought it was pretty tasteless to have the lead story be about someone's divorce, especially someone like Pat Summitt. My contempt for the rag grows daily. Has the newspaper ever done any investigative reporting into the Sheriff's spending? It seems like it's kinda run by the Blount County mafia. Don't shake up the system.

The paper really isn't very good

The paper really isn't very good. I just get it to try and get some local news and the coupons/ads for my wife on Sunday. I often finish reading the paper with this empty feeling that I didn't learn anything new.

Craig Thomas

I don't ever buy it but

I don't ever buy it but admit that I do try to catch up with the Letters to the Editor while I am at the library. Pretty interesting to see which ones make the online edition and which ones don't.

Well, to be fair...

...they did "uncover" what happened to not one, not three, but FOUR police cruisers yesterday!


Blues Brothers do Blount

Blues Brothers do Blount County?

We subscribe to The Daily

We subscribe to The Daily Times. I rather like the paper. It provides me, as a newbie, a lot of information about Blount County, Maryville, Alcoa, etc.

I subscribe...

I read The Daily Times everyday at lunch, so I guess I support the thing I loathe. And yes, there is some good info about the area, but the paper seems to refuse to do any investigative reporting. There are plenty of stones to be uncovered with a little looking.

Four cruisers wrecked LOL good thing they have 70 or so as backups!

I declare....

70 backup cruisers? Is that all?

Daily Style

Today they pretty much hid the TN AG Opinion on spending but update the site with breaking news of the sheriff's new command center.

Gee, you gotta love the order of importance according to the daily.

What we all need to consider is this-

IF this AG opinion is ignored then when the opinion comes in regarding the purchasing committee will that too be ignored?


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