The June 21, 2012, Daily Times Op-Ed says, "Light rail to Knox is too logical to be seriously considered."

After discussions with Gary Wynn, a local light rail enthusiast, the Daily Times editorial board thinks using existing railroad lines for light rail to/from Knoxville instead of more, bigger, faster roads is a good idea.

  • Northfolk-Southern branch line a good candidate
  • Less expensive means of transportation
  • A self-supporting transportation authority

We think Wynn’s is a good idea. Once railroad beds are lost, they are never likely to be recovered for that use. We realize that such a simple, practical solution is not likely to be adequately considered. Too many think everything new has to be high tech and high priced until we begin paying for it. Enough money is being spent on development of the old West Plant area to warrant due consideration of light rail for passenger traffic.

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