Aug 28 2007

Remember when resumes were requested from people who wanted to serve on the " Citizens Growth Advisory Committee? Why hasn't anyone demanded to see the resume of the Chairman of the Planning Commission? Here we have a position filled by someone who can and has wreaked havoc on Blount County with his complete lack of subject knowledge. He went all over the county saying that the Blount County mayor hand picked him for his intellect. The worst attempts at ruining the country charm of Blount County have occurred under his chairmanship. Mountaintops have been defaced under his leadership. I hope that the County Mayor is proud of his hand picked chairman. Maybe they will both be driven from office right away. Most citizens would like to see the chairman of the Planning Commission removed now.


But it is right there for

But it is right there for the whole world to read. Oct 2004 Blount County Commission meeting notes.

I can't say it loud enough. Everyone should go to the County's Official Website at (link...) and get familiar with all the documents that are available. There are many years worth of commission minutes. Everything you could ever want to know about how we do bid'ness in Blount is right there thanks to the Open Meeting Act and the Sunshine Laws.

Just open the Elected Officials drop box and click on Commission.

Then after you read start asking questions.

Spartacus can't read. Your

Spartacus can't read. Your elitist answer is moot.

Dear GOB Thing One.

Informed voter = elitist?

Gotta love the South!

Love it or leave it

If you aren't in jail you can leave the South anytime.

Planning commissioner's resume

Why don't some of you post the resume. My computer cannot download it within 2 hours. I hope that the resume lives up to one of the most important jobs in the county.

Found the resume...

...where you said, Mello. It is page 22-25 of this document: (link...)

This was submitted when he was nominated in October of 2004, although this same packet says his name was "withdrawn from submission" by Beverley Woodruff before the meeting. Don't recall what happened next or when he was voted on the PC.

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