Aug 29 2007

Tostones, the new Cuban restaurant at Midland Plaza, is having its soft opening. They are open for lunch and for dinner from 5PM to 9PM.

We stopped by for lunch and had a Cuban sandwich with yucca frita (substituted for fries). It was excellent. The decor is very nice and tastefully decorated -- white tablecloths, cloth napkins. The service was great.

The grand opening will be in a couple of weeks. Looks to be a winner.


Roaneviews is jealous! I'll

Roaneviews is jealous!

I'll be visiting.

That was me....Sorry


I was disappointed with

I was disappointed with Tostones. Their prices were quite high (a cuban sandwich is normally less than five dollars!) and I wasn't thrilled with the taste of the food. (I was given something that tasted like fried playdoh instead of fries...what a way to destroy a plantain!) Granted I was there on opening day so I hope things get better the longer they are open, we need a good cuban restaurant!

Are you sure it wasn't fried

Are you sure it wasn't fried yucca, not plantain?

Where is a Cuban sandwich normally less than five dollars in East TN?

The last Cuban I had in East TN wasn't exactly Cuban, it had chopped pork, like barbecue pork, and I believe it was missing either the pickle or mustard (some important ingredient).

Yes, I'm sure. I had the

Yes, I'm sure. I had the yucca too. (which I did find somewhat tasty)
Tostones are twice-fried plantain patties..or something like that. They were very disappointing.
The five dollars is in Florida, and yes, I understand we're in ETN, but nine bucks???
I'm going to try it again in a couple of months, once things have settled there. I do hope it works out and I just had an "opening day" bad experience, because I can eat the heck out of cuban food. ;)

This area is EXPENSIVE for eating out

I grew up in this area, so I never noticed the price of eating out was so high until I went to Hawaii. The vacation cost much less than I had budgeted for, since the restaurant prices seemed a little less than this area.

I once worked in the Washington DC area for about a year. Housing is high in the DC area, but eating out was in line with what I pay at home.

I am retired now and eat most of my meals at home. Which leaves me with more savings, than when I was working at a much higher pay.

Loved Tostones!

Ate last night at Tostones.....loved it. Food was great...had the ropa viejas (which came with mojos and yucca). Excellent! Service was great. Manager stopped by our table and asked us if there's anything he could do. My friend mentioned tres leches' cake, which wasn't on the menu. He was not able at that short notice to produce that, but did send us out a huge piece of beautifully presented chocolate & raspberry cake which was fantastic..on the house.

Definitely recommend it. Didn't think the food was overly priced for the service, quality of food (and quantity! There was a lot of food!), and atmosphere. Will go back!

Tostones Restaurant

Thank you for stopping by and having dinner at our restaurant and for your compliments of our staff and menu.

Tres Leches will certainly be available for your next visit!

Maritza Vidal Perez

The wait staff and the

The wait staff and the manager was very pleasant and thank you to the chef for the great food. we celebrated our wedding anniversary luncheon there. Love Cuban food and was great to have here in our county instead of driving to knoxville. They are offering dinner with a pianist playing while you dine. They suggest RSVP for it. Thanks again, bring in presidente soon.

Welcome Tostones!

First things first, When my wife and I first entered Tostones we were greeted with the wonderful smell of Cuban cuisine and the very nicely appointed restaurant. We were both really impressed with the décor; they have done a wonderful job! We started with the fried yucca as an appetizer (they were out of the ham rolls). The yucca was OK, It would have been great if it had been fried to order. The housemade Mojo was fantastic as was the Cuban bread. I tried the Ropa Vieja while my wife had the Pan Fried Sirloin. Both of our meals were outstanding (although I could tell mine had sat under the heat lamp while waiting on my wife’s to be cooked to order). Now for the points that could use some fine-tuning. The service was very very slow, with the restaurant only having 5 tables at the time. The portions were extremely too large (and I am a big eater). I would highly recommend cutting the portions in half and maybe reducing the price by a third. Even if the price stayed the same please reduce the portions! The to go boxes were of great quality and the to go bag was a nice touch- but if every patron requests one (as happened the night we were there) it will cost Tostones a fortune. I hope they make the adjustments that are needed because speaking as a former South Florida boy, I really miss my Cuban and Tostones is a welcome and classy addition to the Maryville restaurant scene.

We'll be back

My wife and I ate there the 3rd week after opening and thoroghly enjoyed ourselves. I had never had Cuban food before, so I had no idea what to expect. I really liked it and look forward to a return trip.

Personally, I liked the large portions. Yes, I took leftovers home and enjoyed them again the next day! :-) If the portions were to shrink, I hope the prices would too. It would be rather expensive to take the whole family.

Tostones Cuban Restaurant

I would love to be able to go out for a nice dinner and possibly dancing, like the old style supper clubs of the 50's and not have to go into Knoxville. Any suggestions?

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