The City of Alcoa's sales tax will increase by 0.50%, from 9.25% to 9.75%. A new Alcoa High School is on the way. The city projects $3.2-$3.4 million annually in additional sales tax revenue from the 0.50% sales tax increase. Unless Blount County elects to adopt a sales tax increase, then the city's share would be about half.

1,285 (25.5%) of the 5,034 registered voters in the City of Alcoa cast a ballot on this referendum. 1,018 (79.2%) people voted to increase the sales tax, 267 people voted against the increase.

According to a June, 2012, article, "officials hope to start construction [on the nearly $30 million high school] in March 2013. The project’s estimated completion date is Dec. 1, 2014."

Most important, the Alcoa High School football program is looking forward to having the >"nicest stadium in Tennessee."
They believe the new stadium will be ready for the 2015 season.

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