The Blount County commission budget committee unanimously approved a proposal to increase the sales tax by 0.50%. The agenda committee will have to vote on the proposal, then the full commission will vote on putting the referendum on the November ballot. If Blount County elects to adopt a sales tax increase, then the City of Alcoa's sales tax revenue would be about half of the $3.2-$3.4 million annual projected income to pay for the new Alcoa High School.

"hello in there"

John Prine certainly has it correct in that "all the news just repeats itself..."

It was Nov 2008 when the voters of Blount County turned down such a proposal 18k to 30k.

Jail pods, campground zoning and sales tax increases... rinse and repeat.

"If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that even, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death."
- George Orwell, 1984

The Blount County Commission

The Blount County Commission agenda committee voted to put the sales tax increase on the full agenda for their August 16 meeting. If the sales tax increase for the county is approved by the voters, the sales tax will increase for the City of Maryville as well.

The tax could raise $7.6 million for the county annually, according to Blount County Director of Accounts and Budgets Randy Vineyard. The commission says they will use half the money for roads and the other half for schools.

According to the article, Alcoa schools spend $2,000 more per student and Blount County schools.

City of Alcoa administrators don't sound too happy about the prospect.

"If you got a bucket with X amount of money in it that we get to keep 100 percent, if the county passes a sales tax referendum, and they get to take part of that bucket away, then it diminishes our revenue resources," Alcoa Assistant City Manager William Hammin said.

Sales Tax

I doubt if the sales tax will pass in November with a large number of voters and the voters in Alcoa have no reason to vote for it.

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