Sep 11 2012

It's back......

Tonight at 6:30 in room 430 of the Courthouse.

AND a big FYI- the public notice and the resolution as to be presented at Commission is NOT the same as what the Commission used to set the public hearing back in July.

In July, the resolution (memo) clearly stated

within 3,000 feet of direct intersection with the arterial and collector
status roads,

Now it is 5,000 feet instead of 3,000.

The resolution ( memo )in July also DID NOT call for changes to AMEND SECTIONS 9.1B, 9.2B and 9.3B TO INCLUDE COMMERCIAL CAMPGROUND AND RECREATIONAL VEHICLE PARKS, AND AMEND SECTION 13 TO INCLUDE DEFINITIONS FOR CAMPING CABINS AND COMMERCIAL CAMPGROUNDS which are included in the new resolution and public hearing.

Thanks, Mello. I'm not up on

Thanks, Mello.

I'm not up on this topic. Is it better to be 5,000 or 3,000?


I still stand with my original post from three years ago.


No Hearing Held Tonight!

No hearing on the campground amendments held tonight because Commissioner Jim Folts pointed out the error between the public notice and the July resolution.

It is back to square one at the Planning Commission!

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