Jan 29 2013

As a reader pointed out, the City of Maryville is under stress due to the large quantities of recycled materials received at the three free Maryville recycling centers. ROCKTenn, a private company, provides the recycling service to the city at no charge.

However, according to the Maryville Daily Times Report, City of Maryville officials contend Blount County residents are using the recycling centers and causing too much volume for ROCKTenn to transport. City of Maryville crews are forced to supplement the transportation of the recycled materials, thus adding unexpected costs to the city.

The City of Maryville is looking to change access to the recycling centers. One center will be closed and the hours for the two other centers will be reduced. In February the two recycling centers will have a city employee on-site to verify residency of people using the recycling center.

The article maintains Blount County has no recycling program. I have no idea if that is the case. I thought county residents could take recycling materials to the landfill on Long Powers Road, possibly for a fee. Also, at one time county residents could use the Spectra Recycling facilty on Robert C. Jackson Drive, WalMart on 411, the old Foothills Theater site, and the Blount County Highway Department on McArther Road. I could be wrong.

The City of Alcoa has single-stream, curbside recycling. Therefore, Blount County residents using City of Alcoa facilities is not an issue.

I believe it is time for Blount County to step up their recycling program. However, it could be a problem since they have to get residents on board. Residents may have to pay for the service as do, to some extent, residents of the Cities of Maryville and Alcoa. City residents pay twice the amount of taxes as do County residents and receive more services.

There are obviously some Blount County residents who want to recycle. Maybe the City of Maryville employees staffing the recycling centers in February should do a survey on the Blount County residents using the City's facility. The information could be helpful to Blount County when researching a county recycling program.

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