Jun 12 2013

Nearly 13,000 people (68,591 registered voters of approx. 97,000 Blount County residents over the age of 18) voted on the wheel tax resolution. Almost 70% of the voters voted against the wheel tax.

I wonder how long it will be

I wonder how long it will be before the next proposed tax increase...

However long it is, they need

However long it is, they need to do better planning if they think it is going to pass. They should have learned form 2006 that this would not pass. Also, trying to squeeze the vote in real quickly, within a month of county commission voting on the wheel tax, was not a good idea. I'm thinking they were hoping no one was paying attention enough to vote, but they were.

Blount County needs a better plan to pay for schools. Hope they come up with one.

Blount County Dog Park

Over the last several years, there have been rumors of Blount County getting a dog park, but still we don't have one. I believe Knox Co has 7! (?) We need to get with the program. :) Springbrook Park area would be a great place! Any other ideas or suggestions?

Yes, we have discussed a dog

Yes, we have discussed a dog park in Blount County. It takes a bit of work.

Need support from Blount County Parks & Rec, as well as, Blount County, City of Alcoa, and Maryville.

Need support of residents.

Need funds to build and maintain a dog park. Must have fencing, special gated entrance areas, water fountains, landscaping, trash dispensers, etc.

We would love there to be a dog park in the Springbrook Park area. Finding the right spot is another question. I don't think it could be in Springbrook Park proper. You need 1 + acres, depending on how big the dog park is to be.

Also, you have to have restrictions. Check out the dog parks in Knoxville. It was not easy for them and they had the PetSafe company to provide a lot of funding for their parks.

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