TDOT is still working on the plans for extending Pellissippi Parkway to Lamar Alexander Parkway. Most recently TDOT was required to change the plan when the final environmental impact statement revealed an archaeological site in the path of the proposed road.

TDOT announced the selection of the route affecting the Kensington Place mobile home community over a church and some working farm land. It's being reported that "Officials said they selected the west route because it was shorter and required the purchase of less right-of-way."

Check out the map.

Who are the winners when building this road?

PPE still a misuse of resources

The "winners" if the Pellissippi Parkway Extension is built remain the same as they always have been:


road builders

a few people who live in Walland/Townsend who travel to Knoxville and will save maybe 7 minutes

The losers remain the same:


drivers on the rest of the roads which will not be improved when the money is wasted on the PPE (especially Sevierville Road, where the traffic will be worse)

people who want to preserve the county's last large rural area

people who think the PPE will improve east-west traffic in Blount County

Exactly. It's frustrating.

Exactly. It's frustrating.

Opponents to past projects

I wonder what opponents and the general public think today of these past projects to which there was opposition:

  • Initial Pellissippi Parkway from I-40 to Solway
  • Extension of P.P. to Alcoa Highway and airport
  • Extension of P.P. from Alcoa Highway to Old Knoxville Highway

Were not very similar arguments made for stopping these projects?

I am a Maryville native. I have lived in Knoxville since 1990 and worked in Oak Ridge from 1991-2010. Pellissippi Parkway has been very important to me in 1) getting to work in Oak Ridge and 2) visiting relatives in Maryville. Sure, Lamar!, Sundquist(?), and the Blackberry Farms guests will use the newest extension, but it will have advantages for many other residents and tourists.

Can't say. Didn't live here

Can't say. Didn't live here while they were building the existing PP. Was there heavy opposition?

I do know the results can come out either way. I do think the PP from West Knox/I 40 to Alcoa Highway in Blount County was probably a good idea. However, the James White Parkway extension in South Knoxville was a bad idea that was poorly executed. It practically destroyed a good community.

The alternatives for getting from West Knox to Blount County prior to PP were 321 and downtown Knox.

Getting to Townsend and the Smokies is relatively easy and not a destination to get to in a hurry. If they would spend time and money upgrading some existing roads, everyone would be served.

Either way, no mondo bridge across a river is required.

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