The City of Alcoa is a walkable community with parks. We agree that "ALCOA Inc.’s impact over the community over the last 100 years has been amazing" as was said by Alcoa Assistant City Manager Bill Hammon at a Blount County Chamber of COmmerce meeting Friday.

However, we couldn't disagree more as to Mr. Hammon's plan to build a Turkey Creek-type retail complex as Phase I in the ALCOA West Plant site." The Turkey Creek development in West Knoxville is nothing like the City of Alcoa. It is not at all walkable. There is a sort of, kind of park/walking trail, but not easily found. Where is the mixed use?

Development at the ALCOA West Plant should be more like the Northshore Town Center development, which has condos/townhomes, a park, sidewalks with trees, along with retail. What came first at Northshore Town Center? Not a Turkey Creek development.

We surely wish there was someone involved in the ALCOA West Plant development with a vision like the wonderful vision had by ALCOA Inc. nearly 100 years ago.

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