I've been noticing the lovely mini-gardens showing up at the corners of Hall Road and several side streets in the Hall Community. When I finally saw someone tending to one of the mini-gardens, I decided to ask the person how they came about.

Ms. Mary Scott was very gracious to take some time to tell me about the mini-gardens. She told me she had seen mention in the local newspaper of a Lowe's Community Improvement Grant available. She and her friend and neighbor, Jackie Hill, got together, both residents of the Hall Community in Alcoa, TN, to apply for the Lowe's Community Improvement Grant. As a result, they were awarded a $5,000 grant from Lowe's to beautify the community.

These two ladies, 72 and 67 years old, then took it upon themselves with the approval of the City of Alcoa, to create these mini-gardens along Hall Road in their community. As they dug up the ground, put down landscape fabric for weed control, shoveled garden rocks, installed very large planters with beautiful plants and flowers, other residents of the community as well as local workers volunteered to help. They continue to tend the mini-gardens, watering and trimming. As the community watched the development, more volunteers joined in asking for mini-gardens near their street corners.

Kudos to Ms. Scott, Ms. Hill, and the rest for adding these beautiful mini-gardens to the community for all to enjoy.

The Daily Times give kudos

The Daily Times give kudos for Hall Community beautification project.

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