Oct 6 2013

Blount County Schools has an $8.6 million budget shortfall. It costs $17,000 a day for Blount county to run the buses. To save money, bus service won't be provided four days this school year. That means parents will have to find another way to get their kids to class.

Mayor Ed Mitchell is requesting the federal government let Blount County open and maintain the park roads during the [U.S. government] shutdown.

Blount County needs to get their act together. They can't provide the services needed to educate children. They need to stick to stick to their knitting. If they can't provide necessary services now, they don't need to be offering to provide non-essential services.

Blount County's dysfunctional government

Blount County needs to stop electing Republicans. These yo-yos keep electing the same losers and just can't seem to figure out what's wrong.

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