2014, AT 12:00 NOON

Hands down, this is the worst reason ever for a hurry up and vote- special called meeting- at noon when everyone is at work!

Read the resolution!

Read the state application pages- (link...)

If you know anyone in the areas of Walland and Townsend that will be subjected to being included in this blanket rezoning called Adventure Tourism District you should give them a call and tell them they really need to understand what is about to happen.

There is a link to the Blount

There is a link to the Blount County Commissioners addresses and phone numbers as well as a link to email access to commissioners on the Blount County government website.

Passage of this resolution takes 2/3 of the commission.

I wonder if this can actually be valid without having Townsend involved since they are a local government within this district.

There are 29 pages to this resolution. I'm pretty sure Blount County commissioners should put more thought into this resolution.

It would appear Blount County government will leave the management of this district up to the Blount Partnership (chamber of commerce) and the Smoky Mountain Tourism Development Authority (SMTDA) Board.

Are they trying to get rid of the "peaceful" side of the Smokies?

The Maryville Daily Times has

The Maryville Daily Times has a good article on the subject.

Creation of the district would make qualified businesses in the designated area eligible for special tax credits against the state’s franchise and excise tax.

“This proposed district will focus on business recruitment and expansion of businesses making a capital investment of at least $500,000 and employing at least 25 full-time workers as well as provide guidance to these businesses once located in the proposed district.

Blount Partnership (chamber of commerce) is initiating the idea. Partnership President and CEO Bryan Daniels said a state official contacted them on Feb. 27, 2014, apprising them of the opportunity. He said they could not complete the proposal in time to get it on the March Blount County Commission agenda. They called this special meeting because the deadline for submitting an application to the state is April 15, 2014.

Partnership President and CEO Bryan Daniels also says, "The Blount County Planning Commission would still have to approve any new businesses in the area. It does not open new areas up to development, he said. “We don’t want to build new infrastructure.” “... The legislature passed this legislation that is geared to help rural Tennessee, specifically small businesses, mom-and-pop establishments, in trying to promote rural areas for tourism development,” Daniels said.

How can mom-and-pop establishments meet the $500,000 investment with 25 employees?

Finally, "According to the Blount Partnership, “Adventure Tourism District incentives are available to help recruit industries and manufacturers..."


ATVS on city streets in Townsend-

Did you notice how they forgot to cover the fact that this can be applied for next year? The April 15 deadline is for this year's applications only. What is the rush? If it is so important why was this on no one's radar?

What was also not talked about is the second part of the Adventure Tourism District Act and the key reason I still scream that this is a zoning issue!

(e) In addition to the provisions above, an all terrain vehicle as defined in § 55-3-101(d) may be operated or driven upon any streets, roads, or highways designated for such purpose and included within the boundaries of an adventure tourism district established pursuant to Section 1 of this act

Read that again. They are willing to go after some additional tax credits for hotels and restaurants and throw the rest of the new district under their wheels. Can you see ATVs on Fence Row Gap?

When one reads the state application there is suppose to be a business asking for this tax break. Who is that? Who will provide sewer for those new businesses?
The proposal attached to the resolution says MAY INCLUDE certain types of Adventure Tourists activities. MAY leaves the door open.

If this is so important it deserves more than an emergency vote at noon on a workday.

Very good points. I think it

Very good points. I think it is something they should delay until next year.

more info-


"In fact, if a district were to be created over vacant space then the county or city could only allow qualifying adventure tourism businesses to locate there or risk forfeiting the tax incentives altogether. This is particularly problematic in an economy where any new development is essential, regardless of whether or not it specifically facilitates one of the state’s listed adventure tourism activities."

( it won't allow me to cut and paste but clearly says that if a county misses this year's April 15 deadline they will have to wait until next year to in YOU CAN WAIT!

Off Road Trail Group.

If they want to throw yet another 'district' title around the Blackberry Farms, then let them. More power to them! But read the first two links well- those are far more informed and less kneejerk type of governments than Blount County.

Does this include Pot?

Seriously! Ron French ask!

One more time-

The state application makes it clear this is an application deadline of April 15 for the 2014 application. Not a forever deadline.

Why don't elected officials read the documents??????
How about making a call to the State to ask????

it passed....

With no answers to questions, with no regards to property owners, the commission has voted to create this ATD. 15 votes was all it took. 15 commissioners who are only doing what they were told to do. 15 who did not even bother to read the State guidance or call the state to ask questions. 15.

Now the state has to approve the district. I would hope that those in the surrounding areas- especially those in the R-2 call the state yourselves to complain.

They constantly said this is not a zoning issue. Let me explain WHY it IS most certainly so.

R-2 already allows "tourist type attractions" as a special exemption. Today, without a ATD anyone who wanted to put a shooting range or ATV trail behind your house would simply go to the BZA- not planning, not commission.

If this really were zoning- then owners would at least have a chance to fight it as not being compatible to the neighborhood.
Now that the Commission has blessed the district ( it is not a concept folks!) how could the BZA begin to say it is not compatible?

There never was an issue of an ATV park being able to invest 500K and hire 25 people. It has always been about getting the tax credit for the hotels, restaurants and campgrounds that support the ATV/shooting range/water sports included in the ATV definition.

You get the government you elect and the result is the Plundered Side of The Smokies!

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