Apr 12 2014

On occasion I write letters to the editor of the Maryville Daily Times. For some reason, they print the addresses of letter writers along with the letter. Here is a good reason for them to discontinue this practice.

It would appear local Teapartiers have been accumulating the addresses of letter writers to the editor of the Maryville Daily Times. I received this solicitation in the mail the other day.

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The solicitor failed to provide their name. Why is it they feel the need to be anonymous? Are they ashamed?

They say they want "an upstanding county government with integrity and honesty." They say they want people elected "who are honest and knowledgeable, who love our county and will work for you and for the good or all of us."

However, in the second page of the solicitation listing the candidates they support, taxes is the only issue discussed.

Who are you that believes less taxes is the way to a better government? Do you even understand the demands on local governments? Do you even understand that less is not more? Do you even understand Blount County did not become the jewel it is without a local government to manage growth, build parks, control crime, etc.?

Hey Teapartiers, get off my porch. What we need are elected officials who can see the entire picture, not just no more taxes.

The Daily Times should not

The Daily Times should not publish letter writers' full address. The News Sentinel only publishes name and city.


I have yet to find a tea party member who understands the constitution - including those at the national level (Ted). I have found that Tea Par members know a lot about blaming everyone else for their problems, knowing less about the bible than they do their government, and being angry all of the time.

Re: Daily Times Name Publication

I agree totally with Neal. Publishing names and addresses just invites harassment from the local tea baggers union and effectively suppresses minority opinions. My guess is that for the Daily Times this is feature not a bug.

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