Apr 30 2014

Blount County voters will decide on a half-percent local option sales tax increase from 2.25% to 2.75%, making the total tax 9.75%. The cities of Alcoa and Maryville have already voted to approve a similar increase.

If Blount County voters approve the increase, it will apparently trigger a change in the way the revenues are distributed between county and municipal governments.

Reader Charles Brinkley provides this breakdown:

Click image to enlarge...


another benefit-

Blount's BEP funding is hurt by the amount of land the county has in GreenBelt tax savings and the citizens' unwillingness to raise local sales tax. Part of the funding formula for the BEP includes some bizarre calculation that includes the county being willing to raise it's local option sales tax. So, raising the sales tax county wide should increase the amount of BEP funds to all three school systems.

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