Jul 31 2015

We noticed this sign the other day and stopped to see what was going on. There's a handwritten sign on the door saying "Sorry, we are closed."

A nearby resident who knows the owner said the store closed abruptly on Saturday. She said the owner had taken on a lot of debt and had some investors but they pulled out and he couldn't keep it going. There are rumors that the store may reopen with new ownership.

We are sorry to see them go. They carried a unique assortment of fresh, local products and craft beers. The store was an asset to the community and will be missed.


The gentleman that owned The

The gentleman that owned The Market certainly made the effort. We were told the building was a laundramat prior to being converted to The Market. The same person owned the laundramat. He completely changed the facade of the building making it a nice asset for the community. I believe the neighbor said the building was already sold.

We wish the best for the owner of The Market. It's obvious he is a hard worker.

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