Dec 9 2015

The Daily Times

Budget committee members also recommended approval of two budget increases, paid out of fund balance, to fix two sizable holes in the Workers Compensation fund: $319,563 for the Sheriff’s Office and $259,048 for Blount County Schools. When the amount of money needed to maintain the fund at necessary levels was calculated, the portions for both those entities were left out of the accounting, Vineyard said. "It’s embarrassing to tell you that we've made a mistake, but when we’re operating with an antiquated system like we have, things fall through the cracks," he said. "That's not an excuse. We just didn’t budget for that piece of it."

The Daily Times:

Plans to put an extra $1 million at the disposal of the Blount County Commission to alleviate overcrowding at the county jail were unexpectedly unveiled Monday due to an inquisitive elected official. ... The news ended up being sprung earlier than [Finance Director Randy] Vineyard had anticipated. He had intended to brief the County Commission about the funds being available after the annual state audit was completed this month, but County Commissioner Tona Monroe found a reference to it in the minutes of the Sept. 2 meeting of the Tennessee Corrections Institute Board of Control.


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