Aug 3 2016

As a Democrat it pains me to say it, but Sen. Doug Overbey should be reelected. His opponent is attacking his conservative credentials and outside special interests are pouring money into attacks against Overbey in an effort to defeat him in the primary. Most of it is lies and misinformation.

Unfortunately for us Democrats, Sen. Overbey's conservative credentials are plenty solid. But, he usually comes down on the right (as in correct) side of issues that actually matter to the people of Blount County and Tennessee regardless of party or political beliefs.

His opponent appears to be mostly concerned about our 2nd Amendment rights. Last time I checked, anybody in Blount County who wants a gun and can legally own one already has one or can easily get one. Sen. Overbey hasn't taken anyone's guns away and hasn't threatened to. I'm not clear on why this is even an issue.

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