Oct 4 2016

For the City of Alcoa, there are two items on the ballot, City Commissioners and Board of Education. As of yet there is not much known about any of the candidates except the incumbents.

City Commission - Vote for 2

Clayton Bledsoe and Kenneth White are two commissioners with terms expiring November 2016.

Stephen T. Biggar

Jim Buchanan

Ken White (Incumbent)

Board of Education - Vote for 3

Steve Marsh (Chairman), Johnelle Jackson (Vice-Chairman), and Charles H. Cameron are three board members with terms expiring November 2016.

Clayton Bledsoe (currently a city commissioner with term expiring November 2016)

Matt Brewster

Charles Hubert Cameron (Incumbent, first elected 2001)

Charlie Garcia

Tamara M. Griffin

Johnelle A. Jackson (Incumbent, first in office 2008)

Steve Marsh (Incumbent, first elected 2004)

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