The City of Alcoa, TN announced:
a public open house will be held
on Thursday, September 28, 2017
from 5:00-7:00 PM
at the Alcoa Service Center
located at 725 Universal Street, Alcoa, TN 37701

City Officials, along with the Consultant Team of Kiser + Vogrin Design and Volkert, Inc. of Franklin, TN, will be available to discuss a master/vision plan being developed to guide redevelopment of approximately 265 acres on the former Alcoa West Plant site.

  • one of the state’s premier locations with redevelopment potential for commerce at a regional scale.
  • The City has long envisioned this property as a unique opportunity to establish
  • a new commercial and civic hub,
  • with residential opportunities,
  • as part of an area designated for more compact mixed-use development activities for a primary city center or downtown concept

Classified as a brownfield, the site has a limited number of known environmental constraints affecting development placement.

The site is edged by both the Springbrook and East Hall neighborhoods, which are neighborhoods of significance to the City’s company town roots

I'm a little pessimistic

I'm a little pessimistic about this project. I feel the City of Alcoa is way over their heads with this project, financially and vision.

In 2008 there was an announcement to develop this site and create a downtown for the City of Alcoa.

In 2012 there were open houses to show what was happening with the West Plant site and to hear citizens voice their opinions.

In 2014 Alcoa's city manager and others were soooo excited to have Sam's Club be the first step toward building this development only to find out Sam's Club isn't coming after all. Never thought Sam's Club fit it into an new urbanist environment, but what do I know.

Whatever, I'll probably go to the meeting. Maybe something will happen this time. I would like to find out how to identify the parts of the West Plant contaminated with hazardous waste. Do you think they will tell me that at this meeting?

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