Oct 3 2017

For the 2nd or 3rd time, it has been announced that the old ALCOA West Plant will be developed as a City of Alcoa town center with a mixed-use design including retail, office, and residential.

A concern with this site is that it is classified as a brownfield, the site has a limited number of known environmental constraints affecting development placement.

It is not easily determined by a mere citizen what areas of the site are contaminated.

I received a report from a resident that went to the most recent meeting. Indications are that the contaminated areas will be covered so that the sites are not disturbed and will not be hazardous.

My concern is I would like to know what areas are contaminated so that I do not go to those areas. More specifically, I would hope that they will not build on those sites. Protections can fail.

For example, in May, 2017, it was reported by the Maryville Daily Times, the Alcoa High School baseball field was placed on an old parking lot for ALCOA Inc.’s fabrication plant. "Under the warranty deed for the property, the school district could not remove the parking surface because of possible contamination on the site and instead covered it with 12 to 15 inches of fill dirt." The fix has failed and created a swamp and an unusable ball field. "Alcoa City Schools will need permission from both the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and Arconic Inc. (previously ALCOA)" to fix the problem.

We can only hope these contamination problems can be remediated so that problems don't cause problems in the future or reappear.

FEMA super fund site

If you overlay the 50 acre outline of the old West Plant building, there you’ll find the “brownfield”

Lots of extensive productive alloy experiments went on there, and the floor was vertical timbers that acted like soda straws, sucking all the metals & other periodic table beasts, spilled on the floor, way down into the soil.

It is pitiful, that Kinsey Probasco & Hayes original vision of tying McGhee Tyson Airport to the Norfolk-Southern line, through the development, and all the way to Knoxville, was ...

... immediately dashed, ridiculed, and finally sentenced to death, by placing a new High School over the old rail bed. Mark Johnson, Don Mull, & Clint Abbott remain liable for destroying that concept; but that’ll be their yoke to bear, and to explain to their descendants, why their short-sightedness wiped out any hope of transportation diversity.

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