Jan 19 2018

Franklin, TN, is about 15 miles from Nashville, as is Maryville, TN, from Knoxville. Franklin has a transit authority providing public transportation services in the town. In addition, the Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority provides an express service to/from Franklin and Nashville.

Recently, the Franklin Transit Authority overhauled its system, adding 100 new stops, new buses and a new service plan.

The State of Tennessee's recent IMPROVE Act (raising taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel) allows cities to consider local optioins for mass transit funding.

Every morning and evening thousands of people travel to/from Blount County to/from Knox County as is evident on Alcoa Highway and Pellissippi (I-140).

Isn't it about time Maryville, Alcoa, Blount County, Knoxville, and Knox County begin public transporation services to/from Maryville and Knoxville? Could it be we need to start with large employers (e.g. Denso, University of Tennessee, hospitals, etc.) in the areas for express services?

In addition, local transportation services are in need to connect people to Alcoa, Maryville, and the surrounding communities. Wouldn't it be great if you could catch a bus in Alcoa to get to the Blount County Courthouse or your employer or the grocery store or your doctor?

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