Trying to go northbound on Alcoa Highway from Hunt Road westbound or exiting off of Alcoa Highway to Hunt Road going westbound, ? It isn't going to happen easily effective Monday, March 26, 2018.

For up to a month, the road project will cause detours, half of which they will be directing through the center of Springbrook Park and the Springbrook neighborhood.

If you need to go northbound on Alcoa Highway while traveling westbound on Hunt Road (from the Louisville Rd side of the highway), you will have to instead stay on Hunt Road, then take a left on Wright Road to access Alcoa Highway at the intersection where Shoney's is located. Note, there is no acceleration lane at that intersection. It has been know to be a very dangerous intersection. There could be long waits taking a left on Wright Road and accessing Alcoa Highway at the Shoney's intersection. Be careful out there.

If you want to exit Alcoa Highway at Hunt Road to go east or west bound on Hunt Road, prior to that interesection you'll be directed to a new exit to a new road, Tesla Boulevard. This detour will take you to a right turn to a short access road, then a right turn to Mills Street for about 1/4 mile, then a left turn on Alcoa Road for about 2/3 of a mile, then another left turn onto Wright Road (there is no traffic light there), then about 1/3 mile to the Hunt Road intersection. There is a traffic light at the Hunt Road intersection, but unless they are changing it, there is not left turn arrow, which has left me sitting there through many light changes during heavy traffic.

Instead of taking all of this traffic through Springbrook Park and the Springbrook neighborhood, they could have directed this traffic a mile further north on Alcoa Highway to Cusick Road, which will take you to Wright Road where you will take a left or right on Hunt Road.

Hmmmm. I have something here. Time to get the Springbrook residents to step up again to protect their neighborhood.

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