Jun 17 2018

We were driving buy Murrell Brothers Tire Center the other day and saw some auction signs. Say what? Murrell Brothers is being auctioned off? Well, yes, it would appear so.

According to the auction site, Jimmy and Bobby Murrell of Murrell Brothers Tire Center are retiring.

As best I can find out, it appears Murrell Brothers has been around for 35 or so years. It's almost like just about everyone in the area has used Murrell Brothers at least once.

I remember one specific incident where some relatives were in town and had a tire go bad. Trying to save money they wanted to get a tire from Walmart. They had to figure out how to blow up the bad tire (no spare?). I suggested they call Murrell's, which they did. Murrell's had them on the road quickly and the price was comparable to Walmart.

We've recommended Murrell Brothers many times. They will be missed. Who will we recommend now?

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