Feb 28 2020

An article in today's Maryville Daily Times about early voting says this:

Blount County residents who choose a Republican ballot will also vote for Tim Helton or Todd Orr for Blount County Property Assessor.

Those who vote on Democratic ballots may write in either of the candidates for property assessor.

This is wrong, misleading and could cause people's votes to not be counted.

Tennessee Code Annotated 2-8-113 (c) says "Any person trying to receive a party nomination by write-in ballots shall complete a notice requesting such person's ballots be counted in each county of the district no later than twelve o'clock (12:00) noon, prevailing time, fifty (50) days before the primary election."

According to the Blount County election office, neither candidate for property assessor has filed such notice for the Democratic primary. Therefore, any such write-in vote will not be counted, and the vote would be wasted. To vote for property assessor you must vote in the Republican primary.

UPDATE: The online version of the story has been changed to say "Those who vote on Democratic ballots may cast write in votes for property assessor. Those votes will be counted in the Democratic primary. They will not impact the totals in the GOP race between Orr and Helton."

Uh, no, the votes will still not be counted. Once again, the Daily Times can't get basic information right, and refuses to correct it. What is happening to this newspaper?

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