Jul 19 2020

According to the Maryville Daily Times,
As of 3pm, July 18, 2020, Blount County, TN, has reported 509 cases of the coronavirus.
There have been 169 new cases reported in the past week.

As of 3pm, July 17, 10,191 people have been tested in Blount County.
Thus, 4.7% of people tested have tested positive for the coronavirus.
That is up from 3.8% last week.
1,288 people were tested for the coronavirus in the past 6 days.

Blount County's positive COVID-19 cases increase by nearly 50% in the past week, from 340 to 509.
Blount County’s positive COVID-19 cases tripled in 26 days between June 15 and July 11, rising from 106 cases to 340

There are approximately 133,000 people residing in Blount County, TN.
Thus, 7.7% of the people in Blount County have been tested for the coronavirus.

Six Blount County residents have died from the coronavirus.
Three deaths occurred in the early months of the pandemic.
Three deaths occurred in the past week (week of 7/12/2020)

According to the TN Dept. of Health, on 7/7/2020 for the first time Blount County broke the threshold for rate of new covid-19 cases per 100,000 Tennesseans.
Blount County continues to break this threshold, four times the week of July 12.
The ratios are getting higher, e.g. up to 54.10.
The Blount County ratios have been higher than Knox County a couple of days, a more populated county.
This threshold is used for decision making processes, e.g. long term care facilities in counties below the threshold for 14 consecutive days may consider allowing visitors. Sevier County has been above this threshold for 14 days.

Be careful out there.
Wear a mask!

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