Aug 30 2007
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There was this weird substance dropping from the sky yesterday afternoon. It was wet and cool. The plants seemed to reach up and embrace the substance. What a pleasure.

According to The Maryville Daily Times and the National Weather Service, 1.91 inches of the substance accumulated at the Knoxville airport. Living about a mile away from the airport, as the crow flies, we only received 1/4 inch. We are still happy and our plants are happy.

What is it, though, with the people that continue to water their yards every day? Do they not read the paper? Do they not care about the community?

got pressure?

Is there a problem up your way with the water pressure? I noticed this while shopping in Alcoa yesterday.

Haven't noticed a problem

Haven't noticed a problem with the water pressure. I did think there was a problem with the water quality (taste), but not sure. Think I'll just buy a water purifier for the kitchen sink and be done with it.

Wheee!!! That substance is

Wheee!!! That substance is falling again. Since the pupster does not like it, I have decided it is rain.

Water conservation

I don't water our yard but we have lovely gardens that need watering and I would not quit watering them, even if there is a mandatory conservation declaration. Oh, and I read the paper and care about the community.

You know you are in a serious drought...

...when even the Kudzu and native weeds are wilting!

Whomever performed the rain dance should keep up the good work.

I feel there is a difference

I feel there is a difference between watering gardens and trees versus grass. I think they should have broken down the law to separate them. It would be quite bad for the environment to loose a lot of trees. Gardens are, to some, quite important. I feel grass is replaceable enough to warrant heavier restrictions.

Also, I think they should have another level of water restrictions where they breakdown restrictions by address (odd/evens) so that those even numbered addresses water Mondays and Thursdays and odd numbered addresses water Tuesdays and Fridays (or some such breakdown). This way they might get more people to conserve, resulting in a decrease in water usage, thus not having to get to the level of strict water restrictions.

Graywater for gardens

My friend in Rockford is keeping a pan in the sink to catch the water when she rinses a dish or washes her hands, and is using that to water her garden. Every little bit helps.

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