Aug 31 2007

Arrogance gone WILD!

Did you see the picture of California Rep. David Dreier sitting on the lecturn of Columbia's House Chamber? (This was equivalent to a statesman from Columbia meeting with our Prez and deciding, for comfort, to sit on the desk in the Oval office.) In my humble opinion that picture represents the WHOLE Republican Party in this country - arrogance. It starts with the leader - the Prez - and filters down all the way into our local political systems. What will it take to wake the 'common folks' of this county and the nation that a "fall cleaning" needs to be done in November?

Is it any wonder that right before the 2006 election developers were taking out full page ads in the newspapers in support of Jerry Cunningham? Is it any wonder that the Blount County United Way is stacked with Republicans?


Disrespect and arrogance is

Disrespect and arrogance is not just a "republican" issue - how about how the Clinton's disrespected the entire White House (pictures of hollywood guests jumping on the bed in the Linconln bedroom come to mind, unfortunately, pictures of scenes played out under the desk in the Oval Office also come to mind.) Don't play this partisan political crap about arrogance for decorum without cleaning up your, supposed, own party.


It always comes back to the Clinton's with you people. Lets see, getting head in the White House and being a very good president or lying to the American people to overthrow a dictator because he offended daddy, changing laws to avoid prosecution for your cabinet, and general hatred for American's worldwide because of the worst president in history. Hmmmmm, gee, let me guess, you not only voted for him the first time, but the second time too, didn't you? I'll take those "disrespectful" Clinton's anytime.

As a matter of fact, you

As a matter of fact, you have me ALL wrong - I am a strict libertarian - I don't care for either party and wouldn't have voted for Bush if my life depended on it - I just hate how far right and far left beat up on each other when their own "side" is doing the exact same things. I don't care if Clinton had fun under the d*** desk - I do care that our collapsing government is so concerned with crap issues (who cares if some d*** senator is in the bathroom playing footsies with ANYONE - and why are our government resources being used for this type of investigation and while we are discussing big waste of government money -who the h*** cares if baseball players are on steroids when we have people living on the streets eating out of garbage bins in our country??? and why does it take a reporter revealing living conditions before our government steps in to fix housing for returning injured soldiers???) and you far left and far right bozos just follow the herd. Take on a real subject why don't you?

who cares if some d***

who cares if some d*** senator is in the bathroom playing footsies with ANYONE

I think the issue is the senator loudly comes out against this type of activity and wanted Clinton impeached for being "nasty". Hypocrisy at it's best.

Also, I care if anyone is making sexual advances to people in public restrooms. It would be nice if a person could use a public restroom without being approached sexually. The same goes for public parks. There are many parks and boat lauch areas in Knox and Blount Counties that are not safe for families anymore. And, yes, I can say no, hoping the person will go away. I just don't want to even have to think about sexual advances when I am in a public restroom or a public park.

Oh, and Clinton was in private when he had his little tryst.

Then say what you mean

Well, I guess you showed me didn't you? I would have never guessed you were a Libertarian, since your first response had to do with the Clinton's being disrespectful for having people from Hollywood jumping on the bed in the Lincoln bedroom. Now there's a real collapse of our Government. I'm not sure what you're talking about? Are you suggesting that WE shouldn't point fingers at other's since OUR party is so messed up or are you concerned that people are having to eat out of garbage cans in this country? Hello, where have you been? I responded to your first posting about MY party, not the state of the World or what should really be important. For God's sakes say what you mean. You're starting to sound like a politician!

we have people living on the

we have people living on the streets eating out of garbage bins

Anon. #1 (I think), you say you are a strict libertarian, but isn't this the expected outcome of the libertarian agenda?

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