Sep 3 2007
By: STR8UP  shortURL

I’d like to remind folks that Labor (Union) Day is a day of remembrance.

It’s in remembrance of the labor and trade unions of the late 19th century who forged our concepts of worker rights in America.

Let’s also remember the blood, sweat and tears of labor union members who helped transform early 20th century America into an industrial giant and set the stage for what developed into our middle class.

Never forget it was the American worker who gave rise to the American Dream.

For 120 years union members have fought and some have died for a safe work place, reasonable wages for reasonable work, access to health care, child labor laws, 40 hour work week… on and on.

Ask yourself, do you really think any of those changes would have happened without union involvement ?

Yet today union participation is continually marginalized… even by those who have the most to gain by union representation. That is simply crazy.

America was Union Made. Don’t forget it !


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