Checking out the committee agendas usually gives you a pretty good idea of the sorts of things that are going to be coming up in the main monthly commission meeting. Here are the links to both of those:

* Intergovernmental Committee Agenda for September 11, 07 ((link...))
* Public Services Committee Agenda for September 11, 07 ((link...))

The Commissioners tend to discuss things more openly in this setting as these meetings are not as formal. If you are looking to become more proactively involved in our local political process, a good way to start is to plan to attend these 2 evenings of meetings with the commission and then the planning commission meeting each month.

The agenda for the main commission meeting (third Thursday of the month) is usually not available until the Thursday or Friday prior to the meeting, but is always worth looking over. Hey, the commission's business is your business.

call it a free fire works show!

Start with the Public Services Committee.

Under old business Update Regarding Reclassification of Properties Rezoned Commercial.

This issue has triggered a special commission meeting to be held on Oct 9 (link...)

Apparently there is a question about how you can apply for rezoning and get it but it does not mean your taxes change. Keep in mind commerical is taxed at 40% of assessment and residential at 25% and commercial land is worth a whole lot more per acre than residential. I sure wish Commissioner French would come on here and give us a better understanding of this issue. Come on dude, log in and explain this to us, please!

THEN stay for the InterGov Comm meeting. There you will see a property that was turned down for RAC zoning in July being returned to the agenda. Here we will learn just what the Commission considers to be a substantial change in application for rezoning. This is such an important issue I will ask someone else to give us the details.

The fun won't stop there! The IG Comm will talk about those standing committees- who will be in and who will be out?

Finally, they will begin to address the tax freeze for Blount County Senior Citizens who make up to $35K a year.

Going to be a fun filled night folks! I hope to see you there!

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