Sep 10 2007

As far as I can tell committee meetings are not recorded and put on public access tv. If some kind person were willing to video these meetings and put them on YouTube it would be a great thing!

This is OUR business that is being conducted at these meetings. If you can't go then you are only able to get a second hand account about what was said or done. That means we get a filtered version of events. They count on this happening. They depend on us to stay home and read the filtered version of events. Go back to sleep people, nothing to see here!

The benefit of having those meetings where anyone can find them is that it will remove the curtains and allow everyone to see what is going on. From the mom with two jobs who can't possibly make those meetings to the retiree UpNorth who is narrowing down his choices of retirement homes.

Perhaps this should be done and paid for by the Blount County Democratic Party. Perhaps we should have a fund raiser just to raise the bucks to do this.

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