Sep 13 2007

Don't you just love it when you don't hear about changes in our local utilities until after they have been approved?

On Aug 2, 2007 SBU went before the Utility Managment Review Board seeking to extend their services to include sewer systems. It was approved. The hearing this Thursday is just a dog and pony show because according to the UMRB permission has all ready been granted by the State. Now all SBU needs is the farce of a public hearing and the mayor's signature.

Remember who elected him? This is a developer's dream come true.

Back when the Sports Complex was such a hot issue the topic of on-site wastewater systems came up. Folks complained about this and that and the fact that the county has zero control over them.

We still don't.

Just because SBU has been granted areas which can amount to the rest of Blount County as a sewer district ( for areas not covered by any other wastewater utility) does not change a thing with all those systems currently in place. Unless of course those privately held companies either sell or give the systems to SBU.

GIVE? I nearly dropped the phone when the gal at URB in Nashville told me that. This does make sense in case a small utility fails and can not pay for repairs. Then again, the TRA is responsible in making sure that does not happen.

Why do I call this a developer's Christmas? It is. All wrapped up in a bright red bow. When dealing with these smaller private / public utilites the developer is the one who pays for all the equipment then the developer has to give that to the utility. With SBU being the utility they will have the authority to set the rules on who pays for what.

Can I make this any clearer? Nothing has changed the face of Blount County the way on-site sewer systems have. Mountain top development was nearly impossible on the scale we see it today.

I was ask if it is possible that SBU can make the developers pay for the building of these new on-site and other type of wastewater treatment facilities then the developer would give the system to SBU to operate. Yes. They could.

That is the one of the questions we all need to ask. How will SBU work to control urban sprawl in Blount County?

UPDATE! This Thursday there is a public dog and pony show on whether South Blount Utility will get into the sewer games!

notice of public hearing on supplemental petition of south blount county utility

district of blount county, tennessee, for authority to furnish sewer and sewer disposal services
all members of the public take notice that a public hearing will be held on september 20, 2007, at 5:30 p.m. eastern daylight time, in the county commission courtroom, 4th floor, blount county courthouse, maryville, tennessee on the supplemental petition of south blount county utility district of blount county, tennessee for authority to furnish sewer and sewer disposal services pursuant to t.c.a. § 7-82-302 (e). the address of the principal office of south blount county utility district of blount county, tennessee is 808 w. lamar alexander parkway, maryville, tn 37801
all interested members of the public are invited to appear and participate in the hearing.
jerry cunningham, county mayor of blount county, tennessee
sept. 13, 2007

Well look who is getting into the on-site sewer bid'ness.


36, PARCEL 218; 112.5 ACRES AND 127 HOME SITES; ZONED R-1,

There will be a decentralized sand filtration sewer system that is going to be maintained by the South Blount Utility District.
A home owners association will be created to maintain the common areas of the development. The interior roads of the subdivision will have sidewalks, which will hopefully be able to connect with Middle Settlement Elementary on the western side of the property. Mr. Wantiez stated that the Blount County Street Department would not


Like everything else in

Like everything else in Blount County, South Blount will probably be going up on our water bills to pay for this. Let's just give these developers any thing they want or need so they can make plenty of money and we can have the short end of the stick.

Today's legal notice.....we are hiring!

south blount co utility will hold a special meeting on thursday, sept. 20th at the district office 9am to interview for engineers on the rural development project.
sept. 18, 2007

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