Sep 13 2007
By: Forrest_Erickson  shortURL

The CNN report on Bush's speech (link...)
reads remarkably like the Onion article who's title is "Thousands More Dead In Continuing Iraq Victory" and can be found at:

The Bush Cheney misadministration is lying. The Government Accounting Office figures show no reduction in violent deaths in Iraq. The misadministration rationalize a way not to count some of them SUCH AS IED DEATHS since they claim they can not be proven sectarian deaths and so are not sectarian deaths.

Bush and Cheney (and the claims of the Petraeus report) are deliberate lies.

You can find the GAO report which says in summary, "
It is unclear whether sectarian violence in Iraq has decreased--a key security m it is difficult to measure whether the perpetrators' intents were sectarian in nature, and other measures of population security show differing trends."
At: (link...)

What is clear is that the number of deaths is not down. Got that? Bush Cheney just cook up a way not to book them as deaths they have to count.

If you are not outraged you are not paying attention.


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