Sep 14 2007

The Daily Times is now charging to view those archived articles we have all grown to know and love. Will $2.95 an article save the way local politics are handled?

According to this link (link...) the Daily Times is owned by the Horvitz Newspapers Inc.

They also own The Peninsula Daily News. You will notice that our local Daily and this Daily out in Washington have very similar websites. (link...)

There is a difference since Port Angles readers still have free access to the archived articles.

So, here we are. They want us to shut up and go away. Y'all think we should do that?

Funny. If your assessment


If your assessment is correct, heightened interested in their content has suddenly added value where there was none before.

Go figure.

Added value

Now that would be cutting off their nose to spite their face. You would think that they would WANT folks to link to their articles. Can't they charge more for advertising if they can say they get more hits to their website?

Oh well. Blount Today's archives are free, as are Knoxville News Sentinel, aren't they? Boy, do we need a new daily paper to start up here in Blount County to compete...

I figure

I figure the recent reporting by Rick Laney has generated a great deal of searching the DT's archives for other articles concerning the judge.

Or perhaps it is due to those many H-1b visa workers researching the area before they sign on with one of Blount County's major employers.

Or due to the tourists.

Or due to retirees looking at Blount County as a possible retirement area.

Or due to companies looking to locate here in Blount County.

I am glad Jack McElroy of the KNS understands the added value of the blogging community!

Value added

I'll buy that for a dollar, I mean 2.95

Copyright and charge

Return the favor, copyright and charge for reprints of the blog when used by another news source (business) for thought.

KNS Charges for Archives as well

Don't know when they begin to be chargeable.

Right. But at the KNS

Right. But at the KNS webpage you do not have to use the archives. There you have a choice between archives and their search site engine. I can get to 2004 articles from there. I also love the fact that the KNS search feature brings up the blog articles as well.

Smart move!

Smart move, Daily Times- thank you!

Yeah, I mean why would you

Yeah, I mean why would you want to seek the truth? If ignorance is bliss, how happy are you?


If you want to make a difference, cancel your subscription and ask others to cancel also. Post each cancellation here, then foward this link to (golith HQ) each time the thread is updated.

People have the power, its up to us to use it.

The fourth branch of government

The whole reason I raised the flag on these new fees for using the Daily's archives is because the Daily Times IS the fourth branch of government in Blount County.

Of course the DT has the right to charge these fees. The issue for me is simply that this is being done at a time when there are big changes going on in the county.

You who are sitting here reading this post are part of one very large change in this county. You who have for years fought things like metal buildings, zoning changes, school issues, whatever your fight- you have had to depend on the choice of an editor to print your letter in the paper in hopes that others might join your cause.

Suddenly, through the magic of those enterweb tubes your voice is instant. You, me, we all have a way to fight back the moment something happens and plan ahead on those issues that are at hand. We have been given this wonderful opportunity to reach out, talk out, work out and find ways to understand what these issues are.

I don't envy the DT's editors right now. Folks on the left and right are all screaming. The bottom line will be money. Who can they keep happy?

If you cancel now over the fees you would just join those who want to cancel over RL's reporting of both Ana and the housing slump. No, I think I might have to subscribe this week in support of RL and fair reporting.

The Daily Times is charging again

Actually, I checked and they are using the same archive seller, and the prices are pretty similar. I tried to retrieve an Alcoa story that ran within the past 30 days and I got the same sales company, Newsbank. The KnoxNews charge is this:

* Single Article: $2.95 per article
* 3 Pack: $6.95, one week duration (more than 20% discount!)
* 10 Pack: $21.95, one month duration (25% discount!)
* 25 Pack: $49.95, one month duration (30% discount!)
* 40 Pack: $79.95, one month duration
* 500 Pack: $995, one year duration
* 1,000 Pack: $1,995, one year duration

These archives require a username and password to access the full article.

These archives do NOT include photos, graphics or charts.

Mountain Man

Try that search again

The Daily Mistake

They will make a fortune on people going back and reading the previous day's news article when they make mistakes in it and had to put in a correction the next day.

That is funny!

Nearly choked on that comment!

There are a couple of other issues with this whole thing that people need to understand. Many newspaper websites require us to register to view those older articles. Perhaps in exchange for allowing me free acess they are selling off my email address. Fair exchange since I always sign up with a junk email address I have just for this purpose.

The other thing is that the newspapers which charge to view most often have additional articles listed to purchase which never before were available on the internet. An easy example of this is that the DT's LTTEs which appear on their website is just a sampling of what appears in the print addition.

The BIG difference

To me it seems that wants you to go to their website and look at it as often as possible because they are constantly updating it with new stories and advertising. Seems like The Daily Times does not want you to look at their website because it might knock them out of a sale of a print edition. They always have the same old outdated advertising, the briefs may be as much as a week old, it seems that they just put the next days news stories on line about 1:30 AM and say well my jobs done wheres my paycheck, I'm going home.

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