Sep 17 2007

There's a public input meeting tonight for residents in the Maryville High neighborhood to discuss future plans for the school. The meeting is at MHS, 7PM tonight (Monday the 17th).

As noted here by Amber Proffitt, there are also School Board meetings and forums tomorrow regarding this and other topics. Check Amber's post for the schedule and more details.

Depending on which plan is selected, the MHS expansion could have a huge impact on the neighborhood around the existing school. The Knoxville News Sentinel has an article about it in today's paper.

See this earlier BlountViews post for photos from around the neighborhood and some of the historic homes that could be affected.

The Maryville Daily Times has this news brief about the upcoming meetings.

dear ole mhs

it's odd to see my a photo of my 100 year old house on this website and know that if certain someones who care more for football than academics have their way, that it won't be there in a year. even more disturbing, is the sudden number of homes that have come on the market in the past four months in the neighborhood. dear ole maryville high has not been a good neighbor for the past few years. one has to call mr brown to complain about the morning noise from car stereos that cost more than my car. and of course, there is the parking issue in the neighborhood. when i went to mhs, ONLY juniors and seniors were allowed to drive. period. a few years ago, gary hensley stated that they couldn't regulate who drove and who didn't. meanwhile, dr dalton had to look away at a fly on the wall. you see, he too remembered when that had been school policy. meanwhile, another three houses on south cedar come down so that the kiddies don't have to park on the street and our mail gets moved to after 3pm. (it had been morning delivery for forever). and now, even with the trend being towards SMALLER schools, which most teachers at maryville seem oblivious to the department of education website, the football fans and certain teachers want an even bigger school. bigger, is not necessarily better. think about it.

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